Innoptec<sup>®</sup> Aziende del vetro e film switchable PDLCInnoptec<sup>®</sup> Aziende del vetro e film switchable PDLC


Innoptec®'s innovative product is a switchable FILM

PDLC technology containing microscopic droplets of liquid crystals, protected by flexible PET or plastic film supports, which make the product intelligent.

The liquid crystals respond physically to electrical energy passing through the material in which they are contained: they align themselves neatly when energy is applied, making the glass transparent, and they arrange themselves chaotically when no energy is applied, making the glass translucent.
Switchable FILMS with PDLC technology can be used for lamination between panes or applied to existing transparent glass panes.

At its ISO 9001-certified laboratory in Rovereto, in the province of Trento, Innoptec® boasts state-of-the-art production machinery and testing equipment.

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FILMS with PDLC technology offer several advantages, both aesthetic and functional: they are a versatile and smart solution for space management, they work with low power consumption, they are an excellent support for rear projection screens, they are customizable in shape and colour...

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