PDLC Smart films with dynamic designs

19 - 07 - 2022

The application that makes interior design truly exclusive. 

PDLC Smart films

PDLC Smart Film with dynamic designs, applied to transparent surfaces - i.e. glass, but also polycarbonate, polyacrylate, PET and polystyrene - offers the same advantages as the better-known Switchable Smart Film Standard: with a simple electrical command, entire glass panes can be made transparent (in the ON state) or translucent (in the OFF state), providing customised privacy on command, natural brightness and at the same time becoming an excellent screen for backlighting and rear projection.

So what is the additional functionality of the PDLC Smart Film with dynamic designs?
Glass becomes even smarter by being 'moulded' with dynamic designs and transactions that add unique aesthetics and communicative functionality.
Transactions can be customised with straight lines, wavy or jagged curved sections, but also with shapes, patterns, designs and logos.
There are no limits to the imagination of designers and interior architects, except for the fact that all transactions must touch one side of the glass surface to access the electrical impulse. 

How does the PDLC Smart Film work with dynamic designs?
The graphic element, i.e. the section we want to make dynamic, is engraved with lines almost invisible to the human eye directly on the smart film.
The transition from transparent to translucent of these sections can be controlled by setting a predefined or random sequence: when all sections are on, the glass can show completely transparent while when all sections are off, the glass can show completely translucent.

Installation examples
PDLC Smart Film with dynamic designs can be used in commercial or trade show windows. The smart glass can display the company logo as well as functional, engaging and promotional communications.

Another example of application can be the partitioning glass of a bank office open to the public: the glass can show itself transparent when the operator is available, translucent during private meetings where a presentation needs to be video-projected, with dynamic transactions when busy with a customer.

Spas or small wellness centres in a hotel suite, separated from the other rooms in the room by a simple transparent glass, can show themselves in their full sophistication and - with a simple touch - become an intimate, hidden space for guests.

PDLC Smart Film with dynamic designs can also be applied in the automotive and healthcare sectors, but also on the windows of yachts, motorhomes and cruise ships.
Do you have an upcoming project? Get inspired by some application examples and contact an Innoptec® expert now.  

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