Innoptec® film switchable PDLC

With Innoptec®, managing privacy and shading is simple

Protecting your privacy and maintaining a comfortable, well-lit environment has never been so simple, intuitive and fully customisable. The PLDC switchable film adjusts the transparency of surfaces discreetly and elegantly, providing tranquillity and security to your environment.

The SPD film contributes to your well-being by allowing you to adjust lighting and heat with precision and customisation, transforming the space into a welcoming and functional place.

Ease of use
Energy saving
Innoptec® film switchable PDLC


Innoptec® products


Innoptec Film per Privacy


Privacy film

In today's fast-paced world, privacy has become a precious commodity. With switchable PDLC film from Innoptec® you can finally enjoy peace of mind and privacy.

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Innoptec Film per ombreggiatura


Customised shading film

Proper management of shading is essential for comfortable and productive environments. SPD film from Innoptec® offers the perfect solution for precise and customised lighting control.

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