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Smart film in Healthcare

Environments involving hygiene, thorough cleaning and confidentiality

In healthcare, hygiene, thorough cleanliness and confidentiality are essential to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for patients and medical staff.

Innoptec® products offer innovative solutions to improve the environment, reducing bacteria and dust while ensuring patient privacy.

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  • Customisation of the environment
  • Hygienic and private environment by eliminating the need for curtains and grilles, our products reduce hiding places for bacteria and dust, further improving the hygiene of the environment.
  • Energy efficiency and safety by intelligently managing daylight and reducing the use of artificial lighting, reducing energy costs and improving patient and carer comfort.


Smart Film per Vetrate divisorie | Innoptec<sup>®</sup>
Smart Film per Vetrate divisorie | Innoptec<sup>®</sup>



Environments that involve hygiene, thorough cleaning and privacy. Intelligent glass eliminates curtains and grilles where dust and bacteria often settle, without compromising privacy.

Dental surgeries

Smart glass significantly improves the patient and visitor experience, the working environment and optimises cleaning and maintenance costs while reducing the spread of germs, bacteria and dust.

Hospital facilities

Allows hospital staff (in the transparency phase) to check and monitor the patient without the need to enter the patient room.





Controlling space, privacy and light exposure in offices and workplaces.
Transparency and opacity can be managed with a simple command.


The benefits of Innoptec® FILM

Innoptec® products


Innoptec Film per Privacy


Privacy film

In today's fast-paced world, privacy has become a precious commodity. With switchable PDLC film from Innoptec® you can finally enjoy peace of mind and privacy.

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Innoptec Film per ombreggiatura


Customised shading film

Proper management of shading is essential for comfortable and productive environments. SPD film from Innoptec® offers the perfect solution for precise and customised lighting control.

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