Smart patterned films with dynamic transitions

06 - 10 - 2021

The true innovation of electric frosted glass.

Smart patterned films

Smart films began to be used in the early 2000s and since then has been growing at a steady pace. This growth is mainly due to continuous improvement in quality and technology (sharper transparency, patterned-effect dynamic transitions, optimised electricity consumption, ease of use, remote control and domotics).
The Innoptec® laboratory in Rovereto has been designing, producing and selling switchable smart film with PDLC technology for smart glass since 2001. The company was founded based on a passion for technology shared by a team of professionals specialised in physical and chemical disciplines, and it has been able to independently make a name for itself as a leader in reliability and quality in the European and Middle East.
In a certain sense it is possible to state that smart films no longer represent an innovation for either the companies operating in the glass industry or designers.
Today, however, the world of architecture and design, as well as the automotive and healthcare industries, expect and demand increasingly and functional ideas and solutions.

Is it possible to also think beyond “smart film”? In other words, is it possible to offer the market an even more innovative solution?

Over the course of recent years, Innoptec® has designed, developed and type-approved an upgrade of smart films. Liquid crystals put inside a single PDLC film can be isolated in macro segments so that the user can control the passage of light with customised dynamic transitions shaped modelled to both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Horizontal or vertical straight lines from one edge to the other.
Wavy curved or jagged lines, again from one edge to the other.
And also totally customised shapes, models, drawings and wording.

The functionality of smart glass is amplified and increased from both the aesthetic and the more practical or promotional viewpoints.
Aesthetic because the transitions make the interior design even more dynamic, sophisticated and unique.
Practical because the glass surface can make itself even informative and attractive with logos, motifs and customised wording.
Do you have an upcoming project? Free your imagination and contact an Innoptec® expert for advice: consulting for Designers.


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