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Smart films for intelligent glass

Innoptec® technology in the home, office, hotel and contract


There are many situations where it would be ideal to be able to vary the privacy level at will, as well as dynamically and individually manage daylight input and solar control. Innoptec's Switchable films, PDLC for privacy control, and SPD for light transmission control, offer complete management of the indoor environment with a simple electrical control, shaping it to the specific requirements of comfort, energy efficiency and design.

Whether in offices, commercial facilities, clinics or public spaces, the ability to regulate privacy and shading Switchable intelligent glazing films offer a highly customisable solution for creating more functional, more comfortable and more aesthetically appealing environments.


Innoptec® develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of intelligent glazing film technologies for use in a variety of sectors.


Areas of application



Versatility and dynamism as the concept of the intelligent glass wall: privacy for a confidential meeting, screen for team projections, brilliant transparency for the individual office.

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Visually large, bright and sophisticated spaces. Luxury design not only in the product on sale but also in the environment surrounding it. See-through showcases, booths.

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Hospitality and Sport 

Unique moments of relaxation, tranquillity and well-being. A revolutionary idea of privacy that gently divides rooms. A new concept of light and space management, versatile and smart: doors, partitions, meeting rooms, including projection surfaces.

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Environments that involve hygiene, thorough cleaning and privacy. Intelligent glass eliminates curtains and grilles where dust and bacteria often settle, without compromising privacy. Clinics, dental surgeries.

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Open space that is there but cannot be seen, except when you want it. Switchable smart glazing film is the perfect solution for visually dividing and soundproofing your living space without compromising on natural light. Windows to the garden.

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Nothing is lacking in the choice of options in the automotive and public transport sector, or is it? Innoptec® technology brings a new level of comfort to your journey: it makes it possible to adjust lighting, privacy and soundproofing.

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Innoptec® products


Innoptec Film per Privacy


Privacy film

In today's fast-paced world, privacy has become a precious commodity. With switchable PDLC film from Innoptec® you can finally enjoy peace of mind and privacy.

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Innoptec Film per ombreggiatura


Customised shading film

Proper management of shading is essential for comfortable and productive environments. SPD film from Innoptec® offers the perfect solution for precise and customised lighting control.

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