Innoptec® | Lo smart film nel settore Corporate


The smart film in the Corporate

Versatility and dynamism as a concept of the smart glass wall

The smart film in the Corporate | Versatility and dynamism as a concept of the smart glass wall.
Environment and privacy management is key to creating comfortable, efficient and safe workspaces. Innoptec® products offer innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of this evolving sector. Using our switchable PDLC privacy films and SPD shading films, companies can optimise the use of natural light, improving the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing operating costs. 

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  • Maximised privacy
  • Modern, welcoming working environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and employee well-being.
  • Improved quality of the working environment that increases employee satisfaction and contributes to the overall success of the organisation.


Smart Film per Vetrate divisorie | Innoptec<sup>®</sup>
Smart Film per Vetrate divisorie | Innoptec<sup>®</sup>


Partition windows

The space you are in is visually open and free of unsightly curtains and blinds: with a simple touch you can vary the level of privacy and shading.

Doors and balcony doors

Innoptec® technology also makes glass in doors and balcony doors smart.

Projection screens

Innoptec® PDLC technology is characterised by a low angular haze index: it can make any glass translucent, perfect as a light screen for rear projection visible from a wide angle.





Controlling space, privacy and light exposure in offices and workplaces.
Transparency and opacity can be managed with a simple command.


The benefits of Innoptec® FILM

Innoptec® products


Innoptec Film per Privacy


Privacy film

In today's fast-paced world, privacy has become a precious commodity. With switchable PDLC film from Innoptec® you can finally enjoy peace of mind and privacy.

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Innoptec Film per ombreggiatura


Customised shading film

Proper management of shading is essential for comfortable and productive environments. SPD film from Innoptec® offers the perfect solution for precise and customised lighting control.

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