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Switchable FILM with PDLC technology: Glass goes smart

Since 2001, a passion born of technology

Innoptec® is an Italian company that has been designing and producing switchable FILMS with PDLC technology at the industrial level for over twenty years. Based in Rovereto, in the province of Trento, the innovative product is a film protected by flexible PET supports containing microscopic drops of liquid crystals which, when placed inside glass panes by means of the oven laminating process or adhesively applied to pre-existing surfaces, allows the transparency to be varied by means of a simple electrical command.

The liquid crystals inside the switchable FILM make any glass smart: from transparent to translucent at the touch of a button.

Switchable smart film con tecnologia PDLC Innoptec<sup>®</sup>

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    Smart SPD (Suspended Particle Devices) shading films

    A revolutionary innovation in the field of light management. The shading control film features microscopic particles suspended in a fluid layer within the material. When tension is applied, the alignment of the particles determines the degree of transparency/colouration of the film, allowing precise control of the light passing through the surface.

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    Reverse Operation

    Smart Film, in self-adhesive and glass lamination versions, is now available with Reverse operation: transparent in the OFF state and opaque when electrically activated.

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    LPF films

    LPF film intended for glass lamination is now also available on widths up to 2000mm.

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    Self-adhesive film

    Self-adhesive film up to 1800 mm wide.

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The advantages of Innoptec® film


The technology

Innoptec® was born from the collaboration of science graduates, physicists and chemists, and has developed its product and process technologies independently. Italian innovation enhanced by scientific knowledge of materials, extreme attention to quality and reproducibility, a modern production process, and advanced production and control equipment

Its ease of use and intelligent power management have made Innoptec®'s switchable FILM a solution that can be adapted to every design and comfort requirement.

self-adhesive film

The self-adhesive switchable film adheres dry to existing transparent surfaces: not only glass, but also transparent sheets such as polycarbonate, polyacrylate, PET and polystyrene.

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Innoptec® film
laminated glass

When the switchable films are supplied, they are custom-cut with electrical contacts applied, ready to be glass laminated.

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End uses

There are many situations where it would be ideal to have full control over the level of privacy. Innoptec®'s innovative product is the solution.

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More information

Why choose switchable FILM with PDLC technology?
Everything that makes glass special made intelligent by Innoptec® film, active in both privacy and architectural design.

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