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Glass goes smart: switchable FILM with PDLC technology

Low energy consumption, automation and sustainable luxury at the heart of our concept.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" Arthur Clarke.
Sliding doors and house walls: glass panes of different sizes and shapes that change from absolute transparency to a translucent ice-white colour.

Technology or "magic"? No witches or wizards here: Innoptec®'s technology is based on the silent movement of the liquid crystals in the polymer matrix film.
The translucent phase is free of any induced electrical charge and the liquid crystals are arranged in a disorderly and random fashion within the film. When the electrical voltage is applied, the liquid crystals align themselves in an orderly fashion, giving the glass its luminous transparency.

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FILMS with PDLC technology offer several advantages, both aesthetic and functional: they are a versatile and smart solution for space management, they work with low power consumption, they are an excellent support for rear projection screens, they are customizable in shape and colour...

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A whole new concept of living comfort, the result of twenty-one years of research and development.
Innoptec® interprets the needs of contemporary living, and its products express fundamental qualities such as durability, safety, versatility and energy efficiency.