Smart glass, uses and applications in the healthcare sector

22 - 12 - 2021

Switchable FILM with Innoptec®’s PDLC technology - able to make the glass intelligent - is the answer to the search for a new, multifunctional, modern and sophisticated design that is capable of directing the light and confining privacy.

smart glass healthcare sector

The most popular sector of application is undoubtedly interior architecture: offices, private homes, banks, hotels and even the nautical sector, in addition to automotive and retail.
In brief, all those situations in which it is necessary to separate and optically isolate rooms. In ON status, with electric pulse activated, the space in which we find ourselves is visually open and free of visual barriers.
In OFF status, meaning in the translucency phase, the room becomes intimate and protected.
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Smart glass is not just for applications whose purpose is merely aesthetic. The possibility to confine privacy directly on the glass lets us eliminate the classic curtain or grid, which is often home to dust, bacteria and germs. 
In the healthcare sector - in both hospital facilities and clinics and dentist’s surgeries - hygiene and cleanliness are not to be ignored, and there are countless environments and situations in which electric frosted glass can considerably improve the experience of patients and visitors, improve the work environment, and optimise cleaning and maintenance costs while at the same time reducing the spread of germs, bacteria and dust.

How can smart glass tangibly improve the patients’ experience? 
A number of studies have demonstrated how the patient recovery process is closely tied to external factors as well, for example exposure to natural light and resting in quiet, undisturbed rooms.

Using smart glass:
> allows the patient to confine the privacy of their room to achieve a sense of well-being and tranquillity;
> allows the hospital staff (during the transparency phase) to check and monitor the patient without having to enter the hospital room;
> comfortably diffuses natural light (during the glass translucency phase);
> eliminates noise coming from sources outside the hospital room.

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