The future of smart glass

28 - 02 - 2022

Thanks to its easy use and smart consumption management, it is destined to become an irreplaceable convenience.

Smart Glass Innoptec®

From the 90s up until today the development and use of switchable smart film with PDLC technology - the active technology enabling us to make smart glass as well as other clear surfaces - is non-stop growing, thanks to continual improvements in quality and technology.
Clearer transparency, dynamic transitions with patterned effect (to learn more click here), optimised electricity consumption, ease of use, remote control and domotics are the result of research aimed at improving the technology and quality of the product .
We also consider that today the world of architecture and design, increasingly attentive to energy savings and environmental sustainability, is expecting innovative and functional ideas and solutions.

Use of smart glass in architecture and design, with attention paid to energy savings
Switchable film with PDLC technology in the translucent state is able to reflect IR (thermal radiation) and to convert direct sunlight into comfortable diffused light, thereby preventing all dazzle effects for people and damage to sensitive surfaces, such as paintings, art goods, and also carpets and fabrics.
Application of this technology to the buildings glass façades will considerably reduce the need of air conditioning in the summer season, making these same buildings more efficient from both the energy and the runnning costs perspective.
Also during the tranlucent state, switchable film - also known as smart film - is able to cordon off spaces and privacy while evenly diffusing the natural outdoor light, so without the need to turn on artificial lights.

Therefore thanks to its ease of use and smart reduction, smart glass is destined to become an irreplaceable convenience for managing light, privacy and spaces.
Our future, without a doubt, will be smart. 

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