Collaborative design also in offices, thanks to PDLC smart film

11 - 10 - 2022

Smart glass boards

PDLC smart film Innoptec®

In previous articles, we have seen how the PDLC smart film can make schools and universities more functional, clean and organized (if you want to read it again, you can find it HERE).
In this article, we show how the PDLC smart film, known as switchable film, is the epitome of collaborative design even within offices and meeting rooms.

Design, or rather the layout of offices, has taken center stage in the last few years marked by the pandemic and the new - consequent - dynamic that has spread through corporate environments: remote working, or home working, has in fact become an increasingly common modality and companies are re-evaluating and rethinking traditional office spaces and uses.
With the aim of reshaping environments to meet new needs, while at the same time making them safer and cleaner, companies are turning to glass partitions that can perimeter spaces while maintaining the aesthetics and design of an open space thanks to transparency.

Transparent glass, however, lacks the privacy that some situations inevitably demand (e.g. during confidential meetings or presentations).
The PDLC smart film can fill this gap: with a simple electrical control, it is able to make the glass smart and functional, bringing it from a transparent to a translucent state.
Furthemore more flexible use can be achieved by partitioning switching surfaces for example having opaque the only upper part of the glass to barrier the sun glare or for retro projection, or vice versa having lower portion opaque for privacy and keeping the upper one transparent to get more working light.
Functionality in terms of privacy, therefore, but also in terms of use because the wall becomes a perfect surface on which to project images, presentations and videos but also becomes an 'extra large whiteboard'.
Traditional whiteboards wear out easily and show marker residue even after thorough cleaning. Smart glass whiteboards, on the other hand, show themselves as an elegant messaging platform, offering a sophisticated and - at the same time - very durable design; they are also compatible with any marker and very easy to clean.

We have seen how the design of our offices is set to evolve and so will the furniture and tools we use in our workplaces.
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