Smart glass in smart living

04 - 04 - 2023

The application of the LCD switch film makes it possible to change the transparency of the glass.

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Smart living, also known as intelligent home automation, describes a residence in which all systems - e.g. lighting, heating and air conditioning, but also the switching on or off of household appliances, entertainment systems, computers and security - can interact digitally and be controlled remotely from any room in the house or via a smartphone.

Over the last two decades, it has gained more and more popularity to the point of becoming an indispensable aspect. It is no coincidence that, especially in luxury homes, technology - in all its meanings - is increasingly designed and integrated already into the construction to ensure comfort, convenience, safety and energy efficiency for those who will live there. 

One of the most recent applications developed and refined for the luxury residential market is smart glass, which, thanks to the use of switchable smart film (laminated glass or self-adhesive) is able to change its transparency on demand and with a simple electrical command: from translucent in the OFF state to transparent in the ON state, but also vice versa.

Intelligent glass can be used in infinite applications: windows, French windows, skylights, curtains, shower cubicles, partitions (clicking here you can see its most successful applications).
Its use is ideal for making the home energy efficient and functional, technologically advanced and privacy-friendly.

The evolution of glass and smart home automation

Smart home technology is by no means new: if we think about it, already Nikola Tesla's remote control - invented in 1898 - is smart. Just as the first household appliances - hoovers, toasters and washing machines - became everyday objects in the early 1900s.
In 1969, the invention of Echo 4 (a prototype home computer developed by Westinghouse Electric engineer James Sutherland) even made it possible to turn appliances on and off and control the temperature of one's home remotely.
In the coming years, there will undoubtedly be an increase in demand for smart home automation as homeowners become increasingly aware of its many benefits including safety, convenience and eco-friendly living.
As we have seen before, smart glass is an object that has been experiencing well-deserved success in recent years: it has the ability to change its light transmission properties when tension is applied, becoming transparent or translucent at the click of a button. 

The switchable smart film can be applied - by layering in glass or self-adhesive - to the glass of windows, doors, partitions, shower cubicles and provides privacy, customised shading and energy control.
Its benefits are easily moulded to the needs of those who install it: light and space management in an office, backlighting screens in shop windows and trade fairs, privacy even in the smallest spaces (caravans, yachts, cruise ships) and much more...
The use of smart glass, thanks to its extreme versatility and elegance, therefore offers architects and designers endless opportunities to be creative and has proven to be the next frontier of smart living for anyone wishing to improve the comfort, convenience, safety and sustainability of a home.
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