Smart glass in architecture and interior design

16 - 09 - 2021

What it is and what its applications are.

smart glass design Innoptec®

Smart glass: what does that mean?
It is better known as switchable smart glass or electric frosted glass and it is a glass capable of switching from clear to frosted with a simple electric command.
This particular operation is achieved by applying a PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) FILM containing tiny drops of liquid crystals and that is protected by flexible PET supports on the glass with a stratified process or using self-adhesive film. 
Orientation of the drops of liquid crystals is controlled by applying voltage. The glass appears clear (ON state) when the molecules are aligned and frosted (OFF state) when the molecules are randomly aligned.
Read our article to learn more about it: PDLC technology: what it is and how it works.

Glass is a material that has always been a source of inspiration in interior architecture, when in an open space office, a luxury hotel, a museum or a private home.
Switchable FILM with PDLC technology allows the level of transparency of the glass to be altered with a response time of less than 0.1 seconds, regardless of the surface. It is the ideal solution in many situations as it moulds both aesthetic beauty and different functions and benefits to perfection.

> privacy on command
A visually airy, large and luminous open space room. The transparency of the smart dividing glass wall can be managed and controlled. In the OFF state, a space is protected with privacy on demand, without the need for anti-aesthetic and dusty curtains (which often contain germs and bacteria).

> projection screen
In the OFF state, smart glass is translucent and becomes a smart, versatile surface for high quality backlighting and screenings, perfect for video conferences, trade shows, commercial showcases and much more. 

Smart glass applications are limitless. Do you have an upcoming project? Free your imagination and contact an Innoptec® expert for advice: consulting for Designers.