Smart film PDLC applied to bathroom enclosures and shower cubicles

06 - 05 - 2022

Ideal for the minimalist design of spas, wellness centres, sports centres, hotels and luxury homes

PDLC Smart film Innoptec®

What is the Smart film PDLC?
Smart film PDLC, also known as smart film or privacy film, is an application that makes glass smart and offers privacy on command at the touch of a button.
Available for both glass lamination and self-adhesive application, PDLC Smart Film is safe because it is not afraid of water or wet environments and, when applied to bathroom or shower enclosure glass, adds functionality to a minimalist design.

Smart film PDLC applied to bathroom enclosures and shower cubicles
The shower cubicle is the element that takes up the most space and space in our bathrooms and this is why the walls are often made of glass: transparency in fact minimises visual clutter and makes even small spaces and rooms seem larger and more open.
Transparency also allows you to show off design and aesthetic elements inside the shower, such as shower heads and hydromassage. All this, however, at the expense of privacy.

Why can Smart film PDLC be the best choice for a SPA, a wellness centre, a sports centre or for the bathrooms of a hotel or luxury home?
A bathroom or shower enclosure made of intelligent glass offers several advantages:
> Aesthetics and functionality
Smart film PDLC allows for privacy without affecting the aesthetics and minimalist design of the bathroom.
> Hygiene
In order to protect your privacy, you often choose to install a curtain in your shower. However, as well as spoiling the aesthetics and design of your shower, you also run the risk of fungus, mould, germs and bacteria.
Several studies have shown that microbial life hides between shower curtains, and the proliferation of microbes is facilitated by heat and humidity. 

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