pdlc film selbsthaftend

Switchable Click-LPF film from Innoptec self-adhesive

Not only glass, but also transparent sheets such as polycarbonate, polyacrylate, PET and polystyrene. 

The film consists of an electro-optical liquid crystal film that can be applied dry to glass or other transparent surfaces. The Click-LPF film can be removed without leaving any residue on the surfaces.

This is a product with a simpler application process, but it requires the right manual skills, and is suitable for even small applications.


Pulsante Innoptec Vetri

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of INNOPTEC film

Self-adhesive film supply programme

The sheets are cut using a special computerised machine that receives the shape drawing (Autocad software) directly via the Internet, a service that will be popular among architects and designers, as well as glass technicians.


Standard film widths

1.2 metres and 1.5 metres in stock, 1.8 (white only). A quotation can be made for sheets less than 1.2 metres wide, taking into account any cut-off waste

Standard formats

Laser cut rectangular sheets, depending on the length requested by the customer, from 0.5 to 30 metres, also in rolls. Innoptec is also able to supply formats other than rectangular, for these formats the quotation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Cutting and customisation

The possibility of cutting curved shapes, pre-cutting the electrode strip, applying electrodes to positions required by the customer from a range of standard combinations


Power supply

Click-LPF film is powered at 60Vac/50Hz by a transformer. Different solutions are available for the power supply of the LPF film (remote control - dimmer - etc.)


FILM is available in ice and pastel grey. Grey is available on request


OFF status (opaque) innoptec off
Total Transmitted Light 55% ( +/-5%)
Direct transmitted light (1st collection angle) < 1 %
Status ON (transparent) innoptec on
Total transmission 75%
Haze 5%
Angled Haze (45°) 13%
Power requirement 3-5 W/m2
Response times < 0,1 sec.

Innoptec is standing by to provide the most appropriate solutions for the customer's needs,
naturally taking into account the effectiveness and safety of the installation.

 Download the technical specifications for Innoptec PDLC self-adhesive film

Innoptec R&D

Quality and technology are intertwined in the continuous race towards perfection. Innoptec's Click-LPF film has amassed over 20 years of balanced application experimentation and the electrical functionality of the LPF film is guaranteed on 100% of the surface area produced.

Correct use, correct power supply, proper exposure (protection from direct sunlight) and proper assembly ensure that Click-LPF film will be highly efficient for many years.



INNOPTEC PDLC FILM self-adhesive:


Switchable film Click-LPF autoadesivo Innoptec

Manual ON/OFF button

The manual ON/OFF button can also be placed in a room other than the glass provided that it is within 20 metres.

Switchable film Click-LPF autoadesivo Innoptec

Remote control

With dedicated application.

Switchable film Click-LPF autoadesivo Innoptec

Home automation 

With compatible home automation system.

film laminated glass

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