FILM PDLC dans le monde de la maison, de l'hôtel et du contrat

FILM PDLC at home, in the office, and in the world of hotels and contract real estate

There are many situations where it would be ideal to be able to have full control over the level of privacy

Innoptec®'s switchable FILM with PDLC technology makes any glass intelligent, taking it from maximum transparency to translucence at the touch of a button. The spaces are designed according to the customer's needs: not only privacy on command, in the translucent phase the glass becomes a perfect surface for video rearprojections. 


End uses


Partition wall

The space you’re in is visually open and free of unsightly blinds - with a simple touch you can change the level of privacy.

Doors and french windows

PDLC technology also makes the glass in doors and French windows smart: from transparent to translucent with minimal power consumption and extremely low angular opacity.

Shop and exhibitions shwocases

Switchable FILM with PDLC technology applied to shop and exhibition windows makes spaces modern, sophisticated and intimate, as well as providing a surprise effect.


Projecton screens

Innoptec® technology is characterised by a low angular haze index: it can make any glass translucent, and therefore is perfect as a light screen for wide angle rear projection.

Bathrooms, showers and thermal areas

The electrical quality is verified on 100% of the surface produced. The PDLC technology developed by Innoptec® is perfectly compatible with water and wet environments.




Pulsante Innoptec<sup>®</sup> Vetri

Click here to see a working example of the Innoptec® FILM



Versatility and dynamism as the concept of the intelligent glass wall: privacy for a confidential meeting, screen for team projections, scalable transparency for the individual office.


Spaces that are visually spacious, bright and sophisticated. Luxurious design not only in the product on sale but also in its surroundings. See-through showcases, booths.


Open Space that is there but cannot be seen, except when you want to. The switchable FILM with PDLC technology is the perfect solution to visually divide and soundproof your living spaces without compromising on natural light. Garden windows.


Automotive and transport

We've already seen everything when it comes to additional options in the automotive and transport sector - or have we?
Innoptec® technology brings a new level of comfort to your trip: it makes it possible to adjust the lighting, privacy level and soundproofing.


Environments that offer hygiene, thorough cleaning and privacy. Intelligent glass eliminates curtains and screens where dust and bacteria often settle, without any compromise on privacy.  Clinics, dental surgeries.

SPA, wellness centres and sports centres

Unique moments of relaxation, peace and well-being. A revolutionary idea of privacy that divides spaces in a subtle way.


Motorhomes, yachts and cruise ship

Privacy on command even when travelling, for a touch of absolute modernity and state-of-the-art comfort.
White or comfortable gray colour.

Hotel, Resort and conference centres

A new, versatile and smart lighting and space management concept: doors, partition walls, meeting rooms, including   retroprojection surfaces.